The Yoltox is a large, flying repto-avian native to Ucharpli. Their use for long range travel became popular, and thus, they are almost as widespread across Vaikan colonies as the Trihorn.


Yoltox are on average about five to six meters in length, and they have even longer wingspans. These large creatures manage to stay aloft with gas bags inside them containing hot air, generated from the heat of both of their hearts pumping blood. At least every few hours, a Yoltox must expel the gases through its mouth which ignite into flames due to the presence of flammable metals found in their teeth. Originally considered an evolutionary quirk, the Yoltox quickly adapted into using their flames for both offense and defense.


Yoltox were originally considered pests by many ancient Vaikan because they would often raid farms and cause forest fires. When they were tamed, Yoltox became long range travel mounts allowing Vaikan to explore their entire planet.

While the preindustrial Vaikan colonies still use Yoltox as mounts, sometimes, the animal becomes invasive especially in high oxygen environments where they can survive even better. Because many of these colonies have banned the use of either Karalian or ancient Drallan technology, Yoltox slaying with traditional hunting equipment has become a common, popular sport in Vaikan space.