"Simple laws of physics makes this thing the deadliest weapon ever. If it misses its target, it will hit something else in ten thousand years making life hell for our posterity."
―An engineer commenting on the Rolalda's mechanics

The X289 Rolalda is a UPS guided munition propelled with a Higgsium drive allowing it to travel at FTL speeds and hit virtually any target within the UPS grid. The weapon is named after a sword from Vaikan legend said to only be wieldable by a boy of pure hearts.


Rolalda has a theoretically infinite range so long as its target exists within the UPS grid, as onboard AIs allow it to utilize jumpgates to reach other destinations. The missile must be fired from a land cannon from the Houfnice series or from a railgun as the same amount of energy a starship uses to travel at FTL speeds is required for the missile to be launched. The missile's payoff is equivalent of _____ megaton bombs making it capable of destroying entire cities or space stations in one shot.


The munition saw development in the 2120s in the Rock Fortress military installation as a means of ending long standing war with a collection of pirate factions. After the war was ended, the simple presence of the missile became adequate means of defense for a system.