Official artistic representation of Sotkasenvaara before any proximity shots were taken
Spectral type Stellar black hole
Age Unknown
Size 9.4 Sol masses
Surface temperature N/A
Diameter 28 kilometers
Stars 0
Planets 0
Moons 0
Faction Eteno Imperial Triumvirate
Population 3,800

Sotkasenvaara is a stellar black hole claimed by the EIT in the process of consuming an offshoot of the Jolankrivny'i Cloud. A gate link was constructed at a safe distance from Sotkasenvaara so as to allow the construction of a research facility to study a black hole close-up.

History Edit

Gates linking Sotkasenvaara to the rest of the galaxy were completed in 2095 AD, and in 2097 the system's only space station was completed. The ability to actively research a black hole at such a close distance has allowed new insights into how the universe works, and greatly furthered general understanding of the behavior of matter and forces in extreme conditions.

Planets and features Edit

Sotkasenvaara Edit

Stellar black hole almost ten times as massive as Sol in the process of consuming an offshot of the Jolankrivny'i Cloud. Sotkasenvaara is expected to run out of readily available matter to consume by around 2380 AD, at which point it is predicted to become inactive without the introduction of any new matter.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structures Edit

Sotkasenvaara Research Station Edit

Government laboratory dedicated to conducting research related to or facilitated by Sotkasenvaara. 3,800 scientists and supporting personnel live aboard the station on a permanent basis. Orbits Sotkasenvaara freely.

ENS Jyggad Edit

Zamasova-class battleship of the Imperial Navy. Provides the entirety of the system's protection in terms of law enforcement and military protection.

Connections Edit