Star Sol
Type Ice dwarf
Satellites Charon, Hydra, Nix, P4, P5
Gravity 0.067 G
Orbital distance 49 AU
Day length 153 hours
Year length 246 Earth years
Diameter 2,360 km
Axial tilt 119°
Average 44 K
Minimum 33 K
Maximum 55 K
Atmosphere composition Trace nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide
Surface pressure 0.3 Pa
Factions Eteno Imperial Triumvirate
Population None
Major imports None
Major exports None

Pluto is one of many ice dwarves in the outer Sol system. It is primarily composed of rock and ice. Due to the remoteness of Pluto, it has not been significantly exploited by any faction.

Pluto was long believed to have been a planet, but with the discovery of other ice dwarves in the system, this is no longer the case. Modern navigational systems classify Pluto as a planet for organizational purposes.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Pluto has a highly eccentric orbit due to its extreme axial tilt. This causes it to occasionally cross orbits with Neptune. Pluto itself is composed of at least 98% nitrogen ice with traces of methane and carbon monoxide. Its large moon, Charon, is also made of ice though contains more methane and carbon monoxide ice instead.

Pluto has a thin atmosphere of nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide, making it warmer than usual for a celestial body its distance.


Pluto has numerous moons. Charon is its largest, only slightly smaller than Pluto itself, and it has four tiny moons of its own which are barely observable from Gaea. Charon is big enough to be considered binary to Pluto.

Other moons of Pluto include Nix, Hydra and Vulcan.