Below is a list of Eteno Imperial Triumvirate systems. 25 systems are currently under full EIT control.

Core systemsEdit

The core systems, also known as the core worlds, are the most important of the Empire's holdings. They represent the majority of the nation's population, economy, and size.

Border systemsEdit

The border systems constitute the outer edges of the Empire. All routes in and out of the EIT are located in border systems.

Restricted systemsEdit

Restricted systems are under the total control of the military, and are used for training, research, production, and various classified projects. Svicec and Keplat are both governed by separate sets of conduct and access laws, but entering either system without authorization and an escort is still a serious criminal offense. The punishment is all that differs.

Partially-administered territoriesEdit

Partially-administered territories are systems in which the EIT holds some authority over some or all planets and facilities, but also shares control with other governing bodies.