Star Gimheldt
Type Unknown
Satellites None
Gravity Unknown
Orbital distance Unknown
Day length Unknown
Year length Unknown
Diameter 15,098 km
Axial tilt Unknown
Average Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Atmosphere composition Unknown
Surface pressure Unknown
Factions Eteno Imperial Triumvirate
Population Unknown
Major imports Unknown
Major exports Unknown

Holgershad is a cold, Gaea-sized planet with a thin atmosphere and large deposits of water locked in polar caps. Survey teams report significant deposits of minable metals, and the planet is currently being terraformed by Planet Tech. The planet is claimed by the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate.


Much of Holgershad's surface is covered in iron oxide, giving it a reddish brown coloring on the surface. The terrain indicates that it was much more geologically active in the past due to the presence of mountain chains, canyons and even dried up riverbeds.


No life forms were found on Holgershad's surface before the terraformation process begun. However, fossils of invertebrate sea creatures have been discovered all throughout the planet indicating that Holgershad was much more habitable at least several million years ago. Attempts to revive these fossils have achieved moderate success leading to the production of new types of spices. The planet is not completely lifeless however as subsurface lichens have been discovered dwelling within the polar icecaps.


Planet Tech has staked claims on Holgershad to terraform it into a world suitable for Eteno habitability. Scattered throughout the surface are machines which pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in an effort to thicken it while genetically engineered plant-life are gradually being introduced to create oxygen. The project is expected to last at least another decade before permanent civilian settlements can begin.