A map of Hochberg
Spectral type G1
Age 6.3 billion years
Size 1.05 Sol masses
Surface temperature 5916.2 K
Diameter 1.025 Sol diameters
Stars 1
Planets 4
Moons 176
Faction Eteno Imperial Triumvirate
Population 405,030,000

Hochberg is a G1 star system under the control of the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate.


Hochberg's late colonization is unusual for its proximity to the Eteno core worlds. The system was initially surveyed by teams from Zvezilva, which was also fully explored and colonized long after its discovery. Gates to the system were finished in 1301 AD, but official colonization did not begin until 1372 AD.

The system's history is fairly uneventful. It is the destination of choice for colonists who wish to escape the clutter of the core worlds without forgoing the luxury and culture associated with them.

Planets and featuresEdit


Mercury-like dust rock with no exceptional characteristics.


Habitable desert world rich in minerals and underground aquifers. 35 million Eteno live on the planet, supported entirely by mining operations.


First moon of Tiszalok, mined for rare earth metals and iron.


Second moon of Tiszalok, mined for iron and "diamond-glass", a curious leftover from Sarbogard's formation in the form of glass mixed with small amounts of diamond in surface deposits. The moon is believed to have been the core of an ancient planet that was somehow destroyed.


Warm, idyllic ocean world of soft beaches and verdant jungle archipelagos. Its numerous similarities to Malisk II - aside from its milder climate - make it a paradise for the Eteno that have colonized it. A thriving resort industry attracts droves of tourists and vacationers year-round thanks to the planet's single worldwide summer season. 370 million individuals live on Mezokovacshaza permanently, but at any given time, up to five times that number of vacationers may also be staying on the planet. A burgeoning fishing industry has brought additional wealth to the planet. Mezokovacshaza fish is widely renowned as a precious commodity due to its taste, regulations to prevent overfishing, and strict quality control enforced by the planet's fisheries.


Nitrogen gas giant untouched by skimming operations due to its beauty and the lack of high demand for new nitrogen sources.

Skjana BeltEdit

Ice and dust rock field between Kadarkut and Mezokovacshaza.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structuresEdit

Magnitogorsk StationEdit

IPF headquarters for police operations in the system. Operates patrols to protect mining operations and vacationers in transit. Orbits Mezokovaschaza.

Verkhneuralsk CasinoEdit

Allschwinz Exchange casino station. Orbits Mezokovaschaza.

Naval Station LangzeufEdit

Imperial Navy headquarters for the local garrison fleet. Ships from NS Langzeuf are tasked with fending off pirate raiders and ensuring the safety of resort operations. Orbits Hochberg freely.

Ghylansk ResortEdit

Space colony and resort station specializing in offering a number of diverse climates in a series of carefully controlled biodomes. Owned and operated by Empire Malisk Vacation Company. 30,000 people live in the station permanently. Orbits Mezokovaschaza.

Yemanzhelinsk Mining StationEdit

Gwerder Minerals base of operations for mining on Tiszalok. Orbits Tiszalok.

Baykalsk Mining StationEdit

Gwerder Minerals base of operations for mining on Tiszalok's moons, Sarospatak and Sarbogard. Orbits Tiszalok.

Prebensen StationEdit

Galactic Shipping warehouse and terminal for luxury goods and food going to and from Mezokovaschaza. Orbits Hochberg freely.

Kemecse ArmoryEdit

Independent vehicle and small-arms manufacturing station. Orbits Tiszalok.

Ruzomberok StationEdit

Factory station owned by Prolsevich Industries that houses Mezokovaschaza's considerable industry so that the planet does not become polluted. Orbits Kadarkut.

Merchelsk ShipyardEdit

Small independent shipyard focused on the construction of pleasure craft and other civilian vessels. Orbits Hochberg freely.

Huoenchebansky BaseEdit

Varsa base in the Skjana Belt used as a base of operations against foreigners visiting the system on vacation. Varsa pilots from the base are known to attack any Chormna Raiders they come across. Orbits Hochberg freely.

Vasilica BaseEdit

Chormna Raiders base in the Skjana Belt used as a base of operations against the rich and wealthy vacationing in the system. Chormna pilots from the base are known to attack any Varsa raiders they come across. Orbits Hochberg freely.