The Karalian Empire economy is reflective of the standards of living and overall industrial growth seen within the empire. Of all the economies of the Vaikan factions, the Karalian Empire is the most prosperous, having become incredibly developed after integration with the Galactic Senate.


The Karalian Empire's economy is mostly fueled by industry, expansion and the acquisition of Drallan and Omni technologies. Being a religious state, taxes are reduced for those who actively worship Krayhan as a means of encouraging the populace to convert to the state religion. Besides this, the tax levels tend to be at a flat rate.

Spread of news and information is for the most part free to flow with some general restrictions. While most news stories can locally be spread around a solar system with little to no restraint, information that goes through the jumpgates is tightly regulated due to the limited bandwidth of interstellar communication. Any new stories are "fact-checked" as a means of ensuring accurate spread of information and to control the spread of slander and misinformation. Some free speech activists have accused the government of abusing this rule by withholding news stories that are accurate but detrimental to their image.ide enough funding for the Federal Legion, Internal Guard and other government programs. The actual rate differs from colony to colony.


The local currency takes the physical shape of a gemstone cut in the shape of a coin known as the "Ckon". The Ckon is about 1.5 times the value of the Nra, the galactic standard currency.

  • Jade - 1 ckon
  • Amethyst - 8 ckon
  • Sapphire - 16 ckon
  • Emerald - 32 ckon
  • Ruby - 64 ckon
  • Diamond - 128 ckon
  • Dragonrock - 53,000 ckon