The Dunstraus is a domesticated pack animal native to Ucharpli. Known as "Vaikan's best friend" this loyal creature is highly intelligent, and has been utilized for many purposes for thousands of years.


The Dunstraus is a therapod creature with two legs and vestigial front arms. It is covered in scaly plates all throughout its body as a means of protecting itself from UV radiation. It has an elongated snout, front facing eyes and long pointed ears. What makes the creature very notable is its powerful sense of smell and hearing and its ability to understand speech, a trait similar to and even on par with the Trihorn.


The original species, the Dire Dunstraus, went extinct, but the Vaikan have bred them for a variety of purposes. Even today, the Karalian Empire uses them as police animals in the Internal Guard to sniff out alien drugs and dangerous toxins in the air as a cheap alternative to more expensive equipment. The Preindustrial Worlds bred the creature into more exotic forms to adapt to the high-oxygen environments.