The Adrenaline Cartels are a pirate group specializing in the trade of adrenaline from other extraterrestrials to Vaikan clients. Due to their large scale and wide range influence, they currently hold a monopoly on all underground adrenaline related products within Galactic Senate territory.

Effects on VaikanEdit

While harmless and even beneficial to some species, adrenaline is considered a recreational drug for Vaikan because it stimulates the emotions in addition to causing pupil dilation and increased heart rate. However, it is banned because it runs the risk of putting a Vaikan into a frenzy, making them act blindly destructive.

Adrenaline is considered illegal in the territories of the Karalian Empire while it is taxed to unreasonable rates in the Confederacy of Greenwater. Thus, the organization often operates within Eteno Imperial Triumvirate territory while hiring smugglers to deliver the goods to their customers.


The Adrenaline Cartels is an underground business. While they run farms of adrenaline-producing animals, adrenaline extracted from sapient individuals are also cheap to procure. Once the adrenaline is extracted, it is refined and resold to Vaikan customers to make a profit.